Panelmonterings kabel PM-PORT

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Panelmonterings kabel PM-PORT
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Panel Mount Port

Receiving port for Gerbing’s coax power plug. It is just one part of what is mentioned in the panel mount KIT. This only is the port part, which means that you already have the battery cable (which comes with every product in this red twelve volt section) and you aleady have the coil cord extension cable.

Inlcudes: 1 panel mount assembly. If you already have bought the products to make a KIT, you are ready to go and drill a whole in your bikes bodywork. Make sure you put the plug as close as possible to the plug which comes out of the heated jacket or close to the plug from your junior controller which comes with the 12 volt heated gloves. This receiving port is especially designed by Gerbing to make sure the cable of the battery hook-up is not being shown but nicely put away behind the bodywork of your bike.

When you don’t use the heated clothing, make sure you close the panel mount port with the cap which comes with the product. This to avoid corrosion on the plug which can damage your bike.

Also make sure you have put in the right fuse if you have bought an extra part of our heated clothing line. You might forget to put in a higher fuse if you add a heated jacket to your previously bought heated gloves.

NOTE: Do not connect or disconnect any heated clothing whille driving. Always do this when you have stopped. It is very difficult to connect or discinnect any heated clothing when you are wearing gloves. Even our T-12 heated gloves, XR-12 heated gloves and G-12 heated gloves.

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