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Spiral forlengerkabel

The Gerbing coil cord extension cable is an accessory that is specially designed to provide  additional cable length between the battery cable and our 12 volt Gerbing heated clothing. To connect the Gerbing 12 volt heated clothing to a vehicle you will always need a battery cable or a BMW/Hella plug. The coil cord extension cable can be connected to both accesories.

Connect the right-angle plug (female coaxial connector) to the battery cable and the other straight plug (male coaxial connector) connects to the 12 volt Gerbing heated product or to a temperature controller. The Gerbing coil cord cable has a curled length of about 50cm and stretched it will be around  100cm. In short, the Gerbing coil cord extension cable is very pleasant to use when you have  a shortage of cable length, because you have enough cable length and  you have no bother of to much cable.

Situations where you might need a coil cord extension cable:

  • In some vehicles, the battery cable is connected in such a way that you cannot connect the 12 volt heated clothing because of a shortage of wire. A coil cord extension cable will solve that problem.
  • When you want to connect a heated jacket and/or heated pants directly to the battery cable without a temperature controller there is often a shortage of wire.
  • When you have a passenger on your motorcycle who is also using 12 volt heated products you might need some extra length.
  • When you use a 12 volt heated jacket and/or 12 volt heated pants connected to 12 volt portable batteries like the B12V-5200 or the B12V-8000. You can carry the battery in a special fanny pack and with the coil cord extension cable you can have the pack anywhere around the waist.

– See more at: http://www.gerbing.eu/en/products/12v-products/12v-accessories/coil-cord-extension-cable#sthash.E4iqn6WE.dpuf


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