Batteri kabel CXPP

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Batteri kabel CXPP
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The Gerbing battery cable is specially designed to connect 12 volt clothing to the battery of a vehicle. A battery cable is always included when you purchase a 12 volt product. You just connect the battery cable with the negative (–) and the positive (+) pole to the battery of the vehicle. Then you connect your 12 volt products to the plug of the battery cable. When you use more than one 12 volt product, you can use a splitter or a digital dual temperature controller to conect between the battery cable and the 12 volt product. When you do not use the battery cable you can just leave it where it is built in. There is a special plastic top wich you put on the plug of the battery cable to avoid moisture and corrosion.

The gerbing battery cable is 80 centimeters long and if neccasary you can use an extension cord of 50cm extra or the coil cord extension cable. The battery cable has a built in fuse -holder. You can also close off that holder with a plastic top to avoid dirt and moisture. You can connect all our 12 volt product on the battery cable but every product has a different amperage. That is why we added 6 different fuses to the battery cable so you can use the right fuse for each product(s).

Our 12 volt products draws the following Amps.:

At the top of each fuse you will find the amps.

  • Violet 3 Amps.
  • Orange 5 Amps.
  • Brown 7.5 Amps.
    Red 10 Amps.
  • Blue 15 Amps.
  • Yellow 20 ampère

You will find the manual in the little bag with the fuses. For your own safety it is very important to read the manual and follow the instructions. It is very important to use the correct fuse! DON’T use a fuse bigger than 20 Amps (blue one)

Now it is also possible to connect 7 volt heated gloves to the 12 volt battery cable. You just use the 7 volt junior controller to plug the 7 volt heated gloves to the battery cable.


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