8.0 Amp batteri Sett BCG12V-8000KIT 12v.8.0Amp batteri + lader

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8.0 Amp batteri Sett BCG12V-8000KIT 12v.8.0Amp batteri + lader
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8.0 Amp batteri Sett BCG12V-8000KIT

Powerful rechargeable 12V 8 Amps Lithium-Ion battery, with microprocessor technology. The 8 Amps Lithium Polymer 12 Volt battery, is the most powerful battery in our line of batteries. With this battery a belt and charger is included. The battery weighs only 600 grams, is very small and can power all 12 volt heated products of Gerbing.

The battery will charge in approximately 5 hours and is guaranteed for about five hundred of charging cycles. As of all other Li-Po batteries from Gebring this 12V-800KIT doesn’t have a memory effect in the battery. You can charge it at all time, you don’t need to draw it completely empty. In fact we recomend to charge it whenever you can, because that will keep the battery in the best possible condition. Make sure you always keep the battery 25% charged, because this will keep the runtime of the battery higher.

The battery can be used for the following heated products:

The battery only works when connected to a heated product. If you put the plug of the heated garment inside the battery, you can push the + button for about 2 seconds. You than will see the digit 3, which means this is the power output of the battery. With the – button you can lower the power output to 2 or 1, to make the heated garment less warm. The lower the setting, the longer the runtime of the battery. After a couple of seconds the digits will change into 1-9 to show you how much power is left inside the battery.

Just convince yourself that you choose the right part of the section. The 12 volt heated clothing is much warmer at full power than the products in the 7 volt section. All heated gloves from the yellow 7 volt section, comes with a small portable battery, where in the 12 volt section you have to buy an extra one.
The handy part of the B12V-800 is that it comes with a nice remote controll, so you don’t have to take the battery out of the belt to adjust the heat. You can heat your self up with the push of a button!

This battery cannot be used in combination with a Junior Controller or a single or dual temperature controller.

Actual run time may vary depending on ambient temperature. Battery capacity decreases in very cold weather, especially if the battery is not insulated, and is left exposed to the elements. At less than -5°C a battery may only produce 80% of its capacity.

To extend battery life, keep even if the batteries are not used always at least 25% charged. In the summer charge the batteries therefore once a month. (Hint: write it in your agenda).


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