12 Volt Junior kontroller JC-12V

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12 Volt Junior kontroller JC-12V
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12 Volts Junior controller

Due to the fact that the weather changes every day and that people use our heated clothing for extended periods we have developed temperature controllers so you can control the heat. We have controllers for all 12 volt products. Heat is very personal and therefor we always recommend that you use a temperature controller when you use one or more of our heated products.

At the moment we have three different controllers:

The 12 volt controllers cannot be used on our 7 volt products.

NOTE! New in our collection is the 7 volt junior controller which can be connected directly to the 12 volt battery cable of a vehicle and converts the 12 volt output of the battery to 7 volt power of the 7 volt heated gloves.

The Gerbing Junior Controller is a long Y-cable with a built in temperature controller with a maximum output of 2 Amps. This junior controller, together with a battery cable are both included when you purchase one of our 12 volt heated gloves.

This junior controller is easy to use. Just connect it to the battery cable and the gloves and push the big button for a few seconds. After that the red light turns on. The junior controller has four different temperature settings:

  • Red: 100%.
  • Yellow: 75%.
  • Green: 50%.
  • Green flashing: 25%.

If a blue light flashes than you have insuffient voltage. The controller is designed with last setting memory, it will automaticly recall last heat setting when reconnect to the power source. To activate this memory just disconnect the controller instead of turning it off with the button.

You can connect the junior controller to a battery cable or a cigarette/BMW plug. You can use the 12volt junior controller only for the following Gerbing heated products:

The junior controller does not function when you connect the controller to one of Gerbing’s 12 volt batteries. If you use the B12V-5200 or the B12V-8000 battery than you have to connect the gloves to a normal long Y-cable.

You cannot use the 12volt junior controller with the following products:

It is very important for Gerbing to personalize the heat because everybody experiences heat differently. That is why we have temperature controllers for all our 12 volt heated products but also built in temperature controllers in our 12 volt batteries and 7 volt batteries.

– See more at: http://www.gerbing.eu/en/products/12v-products/12v-temperature-controller/junior-controller#sthash.UhRGIY57.dpuf


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