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Fordeler CXSP
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Splitter for å koble varmehansker og varmesokker

The Gerbing splitter is an accessory that at first was developed  for our Gerbing 12 volt electric heated socks to connect to the heated gloves. The splitter makes is possible to connect two products to one battery hook-up. This way it is for example possible to connect heated socks and heated gloves to the splitter so there is only one connection to the battery hook-up. Only the Gerbing 12 volt products can be connected to the splitter.

When you use the Gerbing splitter we recommend to use a temperature controller for the heated gloves and heated socks. For the heated socks you can use a single portable temperature controller (optional) and for the heated gloves a junior controller which comes with the product. Our  heated  gloves and heated socks will get a warmer feel  as the temperature outside increases. A temperature controller makes it possible for you to regulate the heat.

With the splitter you make  your heated gloves and heated socks  one heating system. That means that the garments wil be the same temperature. When you want to heat the products separately than you use the dual temperature controller. This controller can heat two products separately so in that case you don’t need a splitter.

You also need the splitter when you have a combination of a heated jacket en heated gloves. The gloves can be connected to the plugs in the sleeves of the jacket, but inside the heated jacket there are two separate circuits (one for the heated jacket and one for the heated gloves) which makes a splitter necessary to provide both lines with power.
When you use this combination with a double temperature controller then you don’t need the splitter.


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