Panelmonteringsett PM-KIT Port+Coil cord extension kabel+batteri kabel

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Panelmonteringsett PM-KIT Port+Coil cord extension kabel+batteri kabel
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The Gerbing Panel mount KIT is designed to built in the battery cable in the nicest way possible so you can enjoy the use of your heated gloves, your heated jacket or your heated socks without a dangling cord from the battery hook-up coming out from your bike.

The panel mount KIT contains several items:

The battery cable can be connected in the normal way but in the body work you drill a small hole where you can built in the port. The plug of the battery cable is not longer hanging out of the seat at your bike but is built in nicely. The battery connector plug is completely hidden in the cockpit if the connector plug is not in use, you simply insert the supplied cap on the plug to avoid corrosion of the plug.

The coil cord extension cable can be connected in order to overcome a shortage of wire. You can connect the heated clothing such as the heated gloves or the heated socks on the coil cord extension cable if you run out of lenght of the battery cable.

On the panel mount port you can also connect the junior controller, splitter, single portable controller, dual portable controller to connect the 12 volt heated gloves, 12 volt heated jacket, 12 volt heated pants and the 12 volt heated socks.

All accesories are also available seperately.


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