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Rustfritt stål, Thru-Hull 50/200 kHz bredbåndstransduser

The SS260 is a stainless steel, thru-hull broadband transducer, ideal for sportfishing and commercial vessels up to 30ft in length, fishing in depths down to 3000ft.


High Performance
The 1kW transducer is perfect for fast, sportfishing vessels that can install a thru-hull transducer with a fairing.

Deep Water Fishing
Excellent for deep water bottom and structure fishing up to 500m/1640ft.Depth/Temperature

Calculate depth and temperature from one compact sensor
Easy To Install
Wide Operating Range
From 1 knot to 45 knots.
Highly Accurate Sounding
Provides extremely accurate echosounding data, even at speeds of over 30 knots.
Dual Elements
The narrow, 6° beam 200 kHz ceramic offers excellent resolution and and crisp image detail for bottom fishing. The seven-element 50 kHz array has a wider 19° beam for deepr blue-water fishing.
Stainless Steel
Built to withstand the environment.



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