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TEX-12 heated textile gloves

A textile heated glove which can be used for scooters or quads or other low speed vehicles. Those heated gloves are unlike the motorcycle gloves G-12, T-12 and the XR-12 heated gloves for low altitude and low speed only! Not recomended if you ride a motorcycle or other high speed vehicles!
You can power the TEX-12 heated gloves with the battery of a vehicle through the battery hook up, or make it hybrid with our B12V-5200 or B12V-8000 battery kit. Make sure you buy the y-cable for those, since the junior controller which comes with the product will not work on a portable battery from Gerbing (they already have a  built in controller). These heated gloves are waterproof by a Hipora® breathable memrane, which will keep your hands dry, but not sweaty.

Contoured fitting stretch cordura fabric which gives the gloves a  snug fit as those particular heated gloves are designed for multiple tasks.

  • Heats entire length of each finger all around, including the thumb, as well as the back of the hand.
  • Our European patent pending Microwire® heat technology is incorperated in those heated gloves, which makes it the most efficient and durable heating technology ever developed.
  • As on all our products: lifetime warranty on the heating elements.
  • The TEX-12 heated gloves are provided with an inline Junior Temp controller, to adjust the heat.
  • You can also power the gloves with an optional battery.

Those TEX-12 heated gloves, as all of our 12 volt heated gloves can also easily be connected to the sleeve plugs of the heated jacket. Make sure you either buy a dual temp controller, or a splitter to make it function all well. When you buy those heated gloves you will find the battery hook-up and the junior controller inside the package, and you are ready to go.

– See more at: http://www.gerbing.eu/en/products/12v-products/tex-12-textile-gloves#sthash.4jrO28yk.dpuf


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