TC-dobbel bærbar kontroller TCDDP

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TC-dobbel bærbar kontroller TCDDP
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12 V TC-enkel bærbar kontroller TCSP

Due to the fact that the weather changes every day and that people use our heated clothing for extended periods we have developed temperature controllers so you can control the heat. We have controllers for all 12 volt products. Heat is very personal and therefor we always recommend that you use a temperature controller when you use one or more of our heated products.

At the moment we have three different controllers:

The 12 volt controllers cannot be used on our 7 volt products.

NOTE! New in our collection is the 7 volt junior controller which can be connected directly to the 12 volt battery cable of a vehicle and converts the 12 volt output of the battery to 7 volt power of the 7 volt heated gloves.

The new digital dual portable temperature controller by Gerbing has the possibility to regulate the temperature of two products seperately. This dual controller can easily be connected straight to the battery cable and to the connection plug of two different items.
You can use the dual portable temperature controller with the following combinations:

  • If you connect the 12 volt heated gloves to the sleeves of the 12 volt heated jacket than you can connect the dual controler to the two plugs on the inside of the heated jacket. Just connect the white cable of the controler to the white cable (powers the jacket) of the heated jacket and connect the black wire to the black connection (powers the gloves) of the heated jacket. Now you can seperately set the temperature for both items.
  • If you connect the heated pants to a heated jacket liner. You can connect the temperature controller the same way as mentioned above. If you also have the heated gloves connected to the heated jacket than you can set the temperature of the jacket seperate from the heated pants and heated gloves.
  • If you use a dual controller together with other items than the controller will always heat the jacket seperately from the other items. It does not matter how many other products you have.

Other features of the digital dual temperature controllers are:

  • The digital dual portable temperature controller has five different settings.
  • When you use the controller for the first time you have to connect it to the battery cable and than press both buttons seperately for a few seconds to activate.
  • The dual controller is designed to remember the last setting. It will automaticly recall the last heat setting when you reconnect to the battery cable. To activate this memory you have to disconnect the controller after use instead of turning it off.
  • You can set the temperature of all 12 volt products as you see fit.
  • Digital controllers ensure that your heated clothing uses only as much power as requested.
  • Wires are UL listed and completely safe, in all weather conditions.
  • The warranty period is two years.
  • Attach this controller to any solid object with Velcro®.

It is very important for Gerbing to personalize the heat because everybody experiences heat differently. That is why we have temperature controllers for all our 12 volt heated products but also built in temperature controllers in our 12 volt batteries and 7 volt batteries.

Note: If you are purchasing a single controller to use with one our jackets which are wired with our Dual 2 wiring systems, you will need to purchase a splitter if you choose to operate other heated clothing with the jacket.


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