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Simrad DrivePilot™ Hydraulic-Steer Pack
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Part # 000-11750-001
Everything you need in one box to fit an autopilot to your hydraulic-steer outboard motor, the DrivePilot™ lets you focus on any activity while keeping the boat on course. When connected to a NSS evo2 or NSO evo2 multifunction display (DrivePilot™ requires the latest NSS/NSO evo2 software), it can steer to a waypoint or along a route, select a turn pattern or simply hold a constant heading.  The Simrad DrivePilot™ Hydraulic-Steer Pack is supplied with a RC42 rate compass which is often used in much larger commercial vessels.

Key Features
* Steer your vessel to a heading, waypoint, route or cursor, with control from your NSS evo2 or NSO evo2 display.
* Repeat your path with automatic turn patterns.
* Recommended for outboard and sterndrive steering systems, on boats that are 30 feet and less, in length.
* VRF (Virtual Rudder Feedback) ± simplifies pilot installation — eliminating the need for a rudder position sensor.
* Easy setup ± straightforward guide steps you through first-time install.
* Easy-to-install, plug-and-socket connection ± with no complex terminal wiring.
* Supported by Simrad Service and Support program
* For displacement hulls or other difficult-to-steer vessels, an AP24, AP28 or IS40 Autopilot system is recommended

*In the box:
* NAC-1 Autopilot Computer
* PUMP-1 Hydraulic Pump
* RC42 Heading Sensor
* Hydraulic Pump Fitting Kit — Everything you need to connect with your existing hydraulic system ± including t-connectors, hoses and oil.
* Auto/Standby Button — Mounts anywhere on dash and changes Autopilot from STBY to AUTO mode with one press.
vNMEA 2000® Networking Kit

drivepilot_rc42_lg drivepilot_pump2_lg drivepilot_module_lg drivepilot_family_md drivepilot_button_lg

Simrad GO7/NSS evo2/NSO evo2 Navigation System Integration
Designed exclusively for Simrad navigation system control, the Simrad DrivePilot™ Hydraulic-Steer Pack does not include or require a dedicated head unit ± perfect for smaller vessels with limited helm space. Set a heading, steer to a waypoint, or follow a predefined route, right from your existing touchscreen display ± or take control and steer with precision. Easily convert trails to routes ± so you can retrace a previous track – with the «one-touch» route creation feature.
Dash-mount Auto/Standby button
The Simrad DrivePilot™ Hydraulic-Steer Pack includes a remote, dash-mount auto/standby button for installation at the helm. This lets you enable the autopilot with ease, or disable the autopilot and take manual control in an instant.
Automatic Turn Patterns
Pre-set turn patterns make manoeuvres such as U-turns simple and fuel efficient, while more complex turn patterns support activities such as fishing, searching for dive sites, or even mapping your favourite lake with Insight Genesis and the built-in sonar or a networked SonarHub sounder module.
Super-Quiet 0.8 L Hydraulic Pump
The Simrad DrivePilot™ Hydraulic-Steer Pack includes a highly efficient ¡PUMP-1¿ 0.8 litre hydraulic gear pump, suitable to drive hydraulic steering systems on inboard and single or double outboard vessels under 10m ( approx 30 ft). High efficiency, 12V operation is suitable for smaller vessels, while super-quiet operation helps to keep your time on the water as enjoyable as possible.
Virtual Rudder Feedback
Simplifying autopilot installation and maintenance, Simrad Virtual Rudder Feedback technology means the NAC-1 does not require the installation of a separate feedback unit to track outboard position on single or dual-outboard vessels.
Optional Rudder Position Sensor
On inboard vessels, an RF25N rudder feedback sensor (sold separately) can be used to precisely measure rudder position, providing smooth autopilot operation and a useful indication of rudder angle on your display at the helm. The RF25N includes a 5.5 metre (18 ft) cable with Micro-C connector for easy connection to your boat¿s NMEA 2000® network.
Easy To Install, Everything Included
This comprehensive kit includes everything required for professional or DIY installation (full list below) on single or dual-outboard vessels. Detailed instructions are provided, and plug-and-play connectors on the NAC-1 Autopilot Computer help make installation quicker and easier than ever.

Networking Connectors

Network Connectivity: Micro-C
Waterproof Standard/rating
Weight [kg]
Product Width
NAC-1 Product Width: 8.3» (210 mm)
Product Depth
NAC-1 Product Depth: 7.4» (188 mm)
Product Height
NAC-1 Product Height: 2.3» (57.6 mm)
Power Supply (Supply Voltage)
NAC-1 Power Supply: 12v DC
Warranty period
Two-year limited warranty
Output Power [kW]
NAC-1 drive output: 12V, Max 16 Amps (instantaneous)

Other Features
Hydraulic-Steer Kit includes everything to connect your existing hydraulic-steering manual helm pump:
° Pump-1 is a 0.8L reversible hydraulic pump designed to interface to Seastar steering
° Hydraulic fitting Kit is compatible with Seastar manual helm pumps

° NAC-1 Autopilot Computer
° PUMP-1 0.8L Hydraulic Pump – 0.8L reversible hydraulic pump, compatible with Seastar manual helm pumps up to 14ci.
° RC42 Heading Sensor ± provides extremely accurate and rapid boat position update, along with heading for accurate boat direction at any speed.
° Auto/Standby Button
° NMEA 2000® Network Kit
° 4-way block
° Male & Female Terminators
° Network Power Cable
° 0.6m (2ft) Network Cable
° 1.8m (6ft) Network Cable
° Pump Fitting Kit
° 0.75m (2.5ft) Send, Return & Reservoir Hoses
° Right Angle Adapters
° Straight-through Adapter
° T-Adapters (2)
° Hydraulic Oil (0.5 litres)


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