12volt Billader 12V-CC

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12volt Billader 12V-CC
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The Gerbing 12 volt accesorie plug can be used as an universal plug, especially designed to power all of the 12 volt heated products made by Gerbing.  Provided that the vehicle has a connection, the Gerbing BMW / Hella / Cigarette plug can be connected to all motor vehicles.

An accesory plug has a BMW/Hella plug and a cigarette plug. When you take off the red part than you can use it as a BMW/Hella plug.
When you own a mortorcycle with a CAN-bus system and you want to use the accesorie plug than you can only connect 12 volt heated clothing with a maximum power draw of 5 Amps. That means you can only connect 12 volt heated gloves, 12 volt heated pants or the 12 volt heated socks.

A 12 volt heated jacket liner is not possible unless you connect everything straight to the battery with the 12 volt battery cable.
To extend the durability off the accesory plug it is neccesary to clean the plug on a regular bases. The accessory plug is easy to connect. Just plug the accessorie plug to the accessory outlet and then connect the 12 volt heated products. Keep in mind that the best connection always is the battery cable.


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